Useful iLO Commands For HP Proliant Servers

Today I will be showing you some of the more useful iLO (integrated lights out) commands that you can use to manage your HP Proliant servers. This is somewhat similar to IPMI and iLO will emulate IPMI if you prefer, however some things simply do not work when using IPMI commands such as changing the boot order. For more information please checkout my IPMI commands post.

So lets get started, in this guide we will be accessing iLO over SSH and not over a graphical interface. Once you have connected to your server’s iLO address, you can use the following commands to accomplish your goals.

Change Boot Order Over iLO

If you would like to change your server’s boot order, you can do so remotely without accessing the BIOS using iLO. Below are the commands you will need to run in order to change your boot order.

cd system1/bootconfig1

After the above command you can find the device you would like to set for example USB or local hard drive by running the following command and changing the number until you find your intended device. Here are two examples to get you started.

show bootsource1
show bootsource2

Here are your typical boot sources, although this may differ if you have additional hardware so it is best to use the above method instead to find your devices.

• bootsource1: BootFmCd
• bootsource2: BootFmFloppy
• bootsource3: BootFmDrive
• bootsource4: BootFmUSBKey
• bootsource5: BootFmNetwork

Last but not least, we will actually change the boot order over iLO by using the following command. You will change the first value to the actual device and the second value to where you would like it to be in your new boot order.

set bootsource4 bootorder=1

Power Management Over iLO

You can also use iLO to power off, reset, and power on your server remotely. This is one of the features that iLO can emulate through ipmitool commands, however if you prefer to use iLO then here are the commands. Please note that power off hard is the same as unplugging your server, it will instantly power off. You will still be able to power it back on but this is not a clean shutdown at all.

power off
power off hard
power reset
power on

 Checking IML Log For Hardware Issues Over iLO

Next up you can check your server’s IML log to see if there are any critical hardware issues. You can do so by running the following commands. The first command will show you a list of records with the last one being the most recent.

show /system1/log1/

After running the above you will re-run this command while adding the record that you would like to view. Here is an example of looking at the record.

show /system1/log1/record33

Checking Specific Hardware Health Over iLO

Last but not least you can also check the status of your hardware for example the health of your RAM/DIMMs. In the following example I will show you how to get a list of all hardware that you can check using iLO.

show /system1

To actually check the information/status of your hardware you will have to specify one of the above pieces of hardware. Here is an example of checking the status of the first power supply in a HP Proliant server.

show /system1/powersupply1

Connecting To Your Server Over iLO

The last thing I will be covering is remotely connecting to your server over iLO. This is basically the same thing as plugging in a keyboard and mouse. There are 2 ways you can do this depending on your needs, the first is by using textcons, the second is by using vsp. More than likely you will want to use textcons but if you need a virtual serial connection then you would use vsp. Here are the 2 commands below.


I hope you have enjoyed this post, please don’t forget to like, comment, or share to support this blog. If you are thirsty for more iLO knowledge then feel free to take a look at this guide. Thank you!

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