Using If Statements In Bash

In this post I will be showing you how to use if statements in bash. If statements are basically what they sound like, if this then that. That being said they can also be written with other conditions. Below I will show some of the examples of different if statements.

Disable/Fix SSH Timeouts On Ubuntu Server

If you get even remotely as annoyed as I do when you recieve an SSH timeout or disconnect then this post is for you. Below is how to quickly and easily fix the SSH timeout issue on the server side. This solution will not disable the timeouts entirely though, instead it just sets the threshold extremely high. While you can fix ssh timeouts on your clients, its much better to do so on your server that way you won’t have to do it on every single client/computer that is used to connect to your server.

Generate Free SSL Certificate For Apache

In this quick and simple post I will show you how to generate a free SSL certificate for Apache using letsencrypt and certbot, this will allow your users to view your website or blog over a secure and encrypted HTTPS connection instead of a standard insecure HTTP connection. For the purpose of this guide I will assume you are using Ubuntu server but if you need help getting it to work on a different OS then feel free to comment.