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How To Check IP Address In Linux

In this guide I will be showing you how to check both your internal and external IP addresses in Linux. The difference between these two types of IP addresses are that external IP addresses are the IP addresses that servers and other computers will see whenever there is a connection, while the internal is for communicating with your switch, router, …

How To Connect To OpenVPN In Linux

In this guide I will be showing you how to connect to your OpenVPN server using a Linux desktop. The following guide should work regardless of whether you are running Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora or any other Linux distribution.  You will need root or sudo access in order to connect to your VPN.

How To Change Time Zone In Linux

Today I will be showing you how to quickly and easily change your time zone on a Linux system. To do this we will be searching for the closest time zone file New York for example, and then copying it over /etc/localtime. This file is what your system uses to get the local time, you should not try to edit …

Restarting vs Reloading A Linux Service

If you are making changes to configuration files such as Apache or Postfix for example, you will need to either restart or reload the service for the changes to take effect. So what is the difference between a Linux service reload and a Linux service restart?

Install And Configure Wine On Linux Desktops

In this guide I will show you how to install Wine as-well as setting up Winetricks and installing some of the runtime libraries that you will end up needing to run Windows software and games on your Linux desktop. This guide should work for the following distributions and most of their derivatives.

Install Cinnamon Desktop On Ubuntu

In this guide I will be showing you how to install the cinnamon desktop on Ubuntu as-well as the many derivatives. This guide should work on the following distributions although it may work on other Ubuntu based distributions as-well.

VMware: Ubuntu Based Distros 1920×1080 Resolution Fix

If you are unable to change your resolution to 1920×1080 while running Ubuntu or one of the many derivatives in VMware Workstation, then this guide should hopefully help. For the sake of this guide I am using Ubuntu but running the Cinnamon desktop but this should work for Gnome, Mate, and Unity desktops as-well.