Brocade: Health Check Commands

In this post I will be showing you some Brocade switch commands to check the health status of your Brocade switches. You can run these commands by connecting to your Brocade via SSH using your Terminal or Putty. While this isn’t really a Linux guide, Brocade switches do run on Linux and this guide may be useful for system administrators that have to maintain a SAN.

Check Brocade Power Supply Status

To check your power supply status as well as which model power supply is actually installed in your switch, run this command.


Check Brocade Fan Status

This command will show you both your current fan health status as well as the current fan speeds.


Check Brocade Temperature Readings

You can check the temperature for all of your Brocade switches sensors by running the following command.


Check Brocade Sensor Readings

This command is similar to ipmitool sensor list, it will show you the sensor readings of your power supplies, fans, etc.


Check Brocade Health Summary

To get a summary of your Brocade switch’s overall health, you can use the following command.


Alternatively if you are using the newer firmware and don’t have the above command, you can get a somewhat similar result by running the following instead.

mapsdb --show all | grep -A30 Dashboard

Check Brocade SFP Health

You can use this next Brocade switch command to check SFP health or check optic health on your Brocade switches. This command will give you information such as your optic temperature, light levels, etc. You will need to replace #/# with the port information you would like to check.

sfpshow #/#

Check Brocade For Disabled Ports

You can use the following command piped through grep to list all disabled ports. This is very useful if you disable a port and forget to note the information and need to re-enable it later.

portflagsshow | grep Offline | grep DISABLED

Check Brocade Error Logs

Last but not least, the following command will display the error log as well as any failed access attempts.


Bonus Commands

While these aren’t Brocade health check commands, these Brocade switch commands will allow you to enable or disable specific ports on your switch.

portdisable #/#
portenable #/#

I hope this guide has helped you, if you have any questions feel free to comment below. Please don’t forget to like, comment, or share using the social media buttons below. Thank you!

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