3 Easy To Use Linux Desktop Distributions

In this post I will be showing you 3 of the best and easy to use Linux desktop distributions. While there are already countless lists like these I will also try to link to their spinoffs under each distribution since they don’t always get mentioned.


Ubuntu LogoWhat type of list would this be without starting off with the most commonly used Linux distribution Ubuntu? Ubuntu is not only the most commonly used distribution but also has the largest community and the most free support available as-well as amazing documentation.

By default Ubuntu ships with the Unity desktop environment which in my honest opinion seems to be more geared towards Mac users than Windows users. That being said they have spinoffs and you can change your environment if you want to use something else.

Ubuntu Unity Desktop

Spinoffs: Kubuntu (KDE), Ubuntu Gnome, Xubuntu, Lubuntu

Linux Mint

Linux Mint LogoWhile Linux Mint was based on Ubuntu, I don’t count it as a spinoff. Linux Mint comes with either the Mate or Cinnamon desktop environment depending on which one you decide to download. Cinnamon (screenshot below) seems to be a dream come true for people that newly coming from a Windows desktop to Linux.

Last time I checked Linux Mint still makes use of Ubuntu repositories although this could have changed, more than likely if you are used to software located in the Ubuntu repositories then you can get it on Linux Mint without any extra work.

Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop

You can get a copy of Linux Mint’s, Cinnamon, Mate, KDE, and XFCE releases all on the same page.


FedoraFedora Logo is different from the first 2 distributions as unlike Ubuntu and Linux Mint it is not based on Debian. Fedora will feel much more like Red Hat or CentOS if you are used to using them on your servers. By default Fedora will ship with the latest stable Gnome desktop environment.

If you are used to using Ubuntu or another Debian based linux distribution then this will take some getting used to due to things such as the package manager being different, service names sometimes being different (httpd vs apache2), etc.

Fedora Gnome Desktop

You can get a list of Fedora spinoffs by following this link.

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