Checking Your Disk Usage In Linux

This short post will show you how to check your free space or disk space usage, the command we will be using is df.  There are a couple different ways you can use df, you can use it to look at just one specific file system or display all of them. You can also change the format from bytes to human readable.

Below are a few quick examples with what results you can expect. The -h option will output in human readable format.

Check Free Space Linux

There are some other options for df for example you can also look at the file-system a particular folder is located on as-well as display what type of file-system it is. Here are 2 more quick examples. The -T option will display file-system type.

Check Filesystem Usage Linux

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy guide on checking your disk space usage. Please don’t forget to like/comment/share. =)

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